I would like to wholeheartedly thank Quality Print for the making of my fabric stand. As well as all my other printing works that they did for me for the past 15 years; books, card decks, diaries, stickers, this was of exceptional quality. It was actually remarked upon by many people who took the time to admire it. It stood out from far away by the bright colours. I always noticed that Quality Print’s colours were exactly the same on paper as it was on the finished product. Not only am I delighted with their products, but also by the personal touch, the professionalism and the kindness of Siobhan, her husband John, and their graphic designer Colin. They always have time for you and to listen to you and do their utmost best to accommodate you. I highly recommend Quality Print to my friends, who, when they do go to them, only have lovely things to say about them, quality and customer service too.

Pascale Lutz